T2-341 – Disney Raya and Tuk Tuk

Disney Raya and Tuk Tuk

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Disney Raya and Tuk Tuk –  Age 3+

  • TUK TUK CAN TUCK AND ROLL: The Tuk Tuk toy has wheels underneath so kids can roll him around on hard, flat surfaces
  • RIDING WITH RAYA: Clip the Raya doll onto Tuk Tuk’s saddle, and pretend she is riding him into adventure, inspired by their teamwork in Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon movie
  • 2 WAYS TO PLAY: Kids can roll Tuk Tuk while he’s open or they can fold him up into a ball and push him to roll in that form
  • RAYA SMALL DOLL: The Raya toy looks like her animated character with brown hair and a movie-inspired outfit
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